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A memorandum of cooperation between the King Salman Center for Disability Research and the Joint Technologies Company
The King Salman Center for Disability Research signed a memorandum of cooperation with Shared Tech, a Saudi company with extensive experience in web, programming and Internet services and technologies, specialized in ease of use, interface design and search engine optimization (SEO).

The memorandum was signed by the representative of the King Salman Center for Disability, General Supervisor, Dr. Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Tamimi, while the CEO of Shared Technologies was represented by Mr. Abdullah Al-Dabbas.

Dr. Al-Tamimi indicated that the purpose of this cooperation is to develop the electronic services of the King Salman Center for Disability Research, raise the level of technical services, and provide its visitors with an easy-to-use interface in both Arabic and English, with comprehensive support for accessibility technologies for people with disabilities, in order to achieve the center’s slogan, “Education that benefits people.”

The CEO, Eng. Al-Dabbas, stated that the cooperation of Shared Technologies with the King Salman Center for Disability Research comes within the framework of the company's annual initiatives related to social responsibility and part of its national role, such as training for graduates and developing websites and systems for non-profit organizations, in addition to what it provides. Technical consulting for the third sector.